YES!  You heard correctly …


How many times have we heard the saying ‘just send me out in a cardboard box’!!

Well now, the team at Greenhaven Funerals can actually assist you with your wishes and provide you with a FREE COFFIN made from recycled cardboard that you can paint, decorate or throw a favourite coloured pall over the top!

Whenever you book an essential care cremation package or a  full funeral service with Greenhaven Funerals we will offer you a FREE COFFIN made from recycled cardboard.

Many of our client families have loved saving dollars and fulfilling the wishes of their loved ones in making sure that their coffin was made from recycled cardboard and could be decorated and personalised to reflect their personality and spirit.  

Decorating the FREE COFFIN for many of our families has been a really therapeutic process and has allowed all family members including children and grand-children to get involved and express how they feel!  Painting, writing messages, sticking on photos and poetry anything goes and every FREE COFFIN we have seen our families create has been spectacular and a real work of art!

Why spend loads of money on a coffin when you could use this money to celebrate your loved one’s life with family and friends over afternoon tea!  For many spending money on a coffin is hard to justify, Greenhaven Funerals has now made this issue easier to deal with by offering a FREE COFFIN made from recycled cardboard that is strong, secure and fit for purpose.

So if a FREE COFFIN is of interest to you or a loved one, give the friendly team at Greenhaven Funerals a call on (03) 9569 0534.  We would love to talk to you about your unique funeral needs whatever they may be!

We welcome your inquiry, encourage your contact and look forward to being of service to you and your family.

Carly Dalton
The Funeral Lady
Greenhaven Funerals
(03) 9569 0534


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