Inner City Funeral Venues

Greenhaven Funerals is very proud to present our 12 inner city funeral venues.

Why would you choose an inner city funeral venue to hold a funeral or farewell event?

Perhaps the individual who’s life you are honouring and celebrating lived in and around the inner city of Melbourne all their life.  Perhaps, just having an inner city funeral venue, close to the Melbourne CBD would make it more central and convenient for your guests to travel and attend the event.  Especially if they are flying in and out from interstate on the day of the funeral.

We have chosen 12 spectacular inner city funeral venues to work with so we can create unique funeral and farewell experiences for our client families.  So whether you are looking for a venue that is modern and contemporary or an elegant, period style location, we can find something that will meet your unique requirements.   

Greenhaven Funerals can assist you to find the perfect space to celebrate a life lived.  Whether you have a small group of guests in attendance or you are expecting three or four hundred people to come along and pay tribute, we can help you find the most appropriate venue.

Talk to us about the type of farewell ceremony you would like to create and to see if any of our inner city funeral venues might be suitable for your needs.

Our friendly team of funeral consultants will be able to work with you to create a memorable and meaningful farewell that perfectly honours and celebrates the life of your loved one.

We make farewells fabulous and they won’t cost the earth..  Please click here to find out more..

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