Just a simple funeral

Many of our families come to us needing assistance with their funeral needs and they quite often say they’re loved one just want something simple, no fuss.  Just a simple funeral ...

And that’s completely fine.. but what does ‘ just a simple funeral‘ really mean?

  • Did they want a particle board or cardboard coffin with a beautiful coloured pall and seasonal flowers to match.
  • Perhaps an eco-friendly coffin, made of sustainable timber that family and friends can write messages of love and their condolences.
  • What about a beautiful bio-degradable shroud and a graveside ceremony conducted by the family or perhaps a celebrant followed by a burial in a natural burial ground,
  • Maybe just funeral prayers in their local parish church with a handwoven, willow casket that has been decorated by flowers from the garden,
  • Many of our families have organised an elegant, intimate farewell service at home, with a modest coffin and family members in attendance.
  • Or perhaps a private cremation followed by a memorial service at a place your friend or family member loved, such as a golf club, park or the beach.

If you wanted ‘just a simple funeral’, what would that mean to you?

If you would like to discuss ‘simple funeral options’ you are welcome to call us at any time on 9569 0534.  

We welcome your inquiry and encourage your contact.

Carly Dalton
The Funeral Lady
Greenhaven Funerals


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