On February 16th our beautiful Rebecca Jones sadly passed away.
Bec generated an energy that drew people into her constantly open orbit. In doing so, she brought so much joy to everyone she touched, creating genuine connections with friends, family and strangers everywhere she went.
To everyone she generated these connections with, we would like to extend an invitation to a celebration, honouring and cherishing our beautiful Bec.
This celebration will take place at 10:30am on Tuesday 25th at Alowyn Gardens, 1210 Melba Highway, Yarra Glen.
Rebecca will be in a shallow hand-woven wicker basket wrapped in a calico shroud. Please bring a handful of flowers (nothing inorganic) to place with her. These flowers will journey with Bec to her resting place in Beenak Cemetery.
For those who would like the opportunity to say goodbye to Bec unshrouded, there will be a private moment on Monday 24th in Dandenong South. If you would like this opportunity, please text Laura on 0400038909 so we can coordinate attendance.
Additionally, there will be a donation box to help our family with funeral costs for those who would like to contribute.
Light refreshments will be provided after the funeral service.
For any questions or further information please contact Greenhaven Funerals: 9569 0534

Greenhaven Funerals Pty Ltd is Trustee for the DFF Trust ABN: 66 133 072 721