A unique and beautiful funeral

Are you looking to create a unique and beautiful funeral for someone you love?
When looking for the perfect funeral director to assist you in farewelling a loved one, make sure you ask the following things:
  • I don’t want to rush the service, can we take more time if we need it?
  • I want a custom designed coffin for my loved one, are you able to organise this?  I want something quite special..
  • My loved one wants beautiful flowers everywhere during the ceremony, how can we organise that?
  • Can I choose my own music for the ceremony?
  • Is it ok if I have more than 100 photos for the dvd, how can we work this into the ceremony?  What about if I want more than one dvd tribute is this ok?
  • What about colour? How can I incorporate that into the ceremony, is that allowed?
  • We want to create our own DVD but we want to make sure it works, can you help us?  Or .. can you do everything for the DVD because we’re not sure!
  • We need the best audio-visual equipment – what’s available?  Our loved one loved sound and audio.. he/she wants the best!
  • We want to ‘live-stream’ the service globally, is this possible?
  • I want a unique funeral vehicle to transport my loved one? What options are there?
  • Do you know vocalists who can sing for us?
  • What about musicians who can perform at the ceremony, is that possible?
  • I want a unique, intimate  venue that holds 10 people to say farewell…what’s available?
  • Our family member was well known and there will be over 500-1000 people coming.. can you find something that will accomodate us?  No-one has been able to assist us so far…
  • What about other rituals and things that my loved one liked, can you help us with creating the perfect ‘vision’ of a farewell for our loved one?
If these are the type of questions on your ‘funeral Q & A list’ make sure you talk to the team at Greenhaven Funerals.
These are the questions WE LOVE! We have lots of options and more importantly ANSWERS!!
When others say it’s TOO HARD, we’ll say let’s talk some more and let’s see what we can come up with to create the ‘perfect farewell experience’ for your family and more importantly your loved one.
No matter what your ‘vision’ of saying farewell looks like, talk to the team at Greenhaven Funerals – we have a proven track record of creating unique, beautiful funerals for Melbourne Families.
We welcome your inquiry and we encourage your contact.
We make farewells fabulous and we’ll do whatever we can to support you in creating a unique and beautiful funeral for your loved one.
Carly Dalton
The Funeral Lady
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Hawthorn Arts Centre

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