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At Greenhaven Funeral Services, our team of  Life Celebration Specialists are able to assist you to design and deliver a fitting and memorable ceremony that will help you celebrate your loved one’s life, just the way you would like.  Please read below for more information on our team who are able to assist you when you need support to arrange a funeral for a loved one.

Carly Dalton – Funeral Director/ Life Celebration Specialist

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My passion is assisting families to create the perfect, bespoke farewell for their loved one.  I am able to arrange funerals for any culture or faith and I specialise in designing and conducting funeral ceremonies that reflect the personality, the life and the loves of individual who’s life you would like to honour and celebrate.

I will also do everything I can to ensure the funeral ceremony is inclusive, involving members of the your loved one’s family and friends who want to participate in the service and completely capturing the essence of the individual whose life we are honouring.

Mario Anders – Funeral Arranger / Life Celebration Specialist

Life Celebration Specialist - Mario Anders

I know that losing a loved one, can cause many mixed emotions and can be very stressful time – I’m here to help you.  I can assist you to arrange a funeral that meets your family’s requirements and helps you to celebrate the life of your loved one exactly as you would like to.  As an experienced funeral celebrant, I can offer many ideas and options that will allow us to create a personalised, farewell for your loved friend or family member, allowing friends and family to choose how they would like to participate.

My goal is to create a funeral ceremony that will assist you with the bereavement and grieving process, you can walk away with a beautiful remembrance, both through the words written and spoken and our personalisation of the funeral to ensure that it is meaningful to you.  I look forward to supporting you and your family, when you need assistance with a funeral.

To learn more about me, please visit my personal website:

Jacqui Chaplin – Life Celebration Specialist

Greenhaven Funerals_Jacqui Chaplin

I can celebrate humanistic, secular ceremonies as comfortably as I can Catholic ceremonies outside the church environment. I am always directed by your wishes and am equally able to offer a broad range of traditional and modern or alternative ceremonies. I can assist with order of service and booklet formats, blessings, readings, poems and music. We all see the world differently.   I will honour and respect those differences in the way I approach and support you in creating the ceremony and commemoration that best suits your loved one and allows for others to share their experiences as part of the ongoing grieving process.

Compassionate,supportive, warm and flexible Jacqui brings a level of detailed organisation and preparedness to every funeral to ensure that families’ lives are just a little bit easier during some of their most difficult days.

Jacqui Chaplin

Graeme Bowman –  Life Celebration Specialist

Graeme Bowman

Known as ‘The Celebrant Storyteller’, I specialise in creative, uplifting, meaningful ceremonies for folk who lived a long, full life. And if they have strong links to Melbourne and Victoria, so much the better. (My extended family has lived and worked across the state for generations.)

Crafting and presenting a personal story around such people is where my interest lies. It also suits the expertise I bring from my three decades in the event, entertainment and corporate communications industries. I love playing with themes and concepts, looking for quirky angles, creating Ah-hah! moments for audiences, and bringing out the best in other speakers. To see how we’ll create a funeral ceremony using the unique, original storytelling process I have developed, visit my website and watch the clip, ‘How to Tell Your Loved One’s Story’.

Comments from families I have assisted:

‘Thank you so much for the beautiful service. We were very happy with how you captured Dad’s personality with your story telling.’

‘Graeme captured moments of my husband’s life in a warm and friendly way with a touch of humor. He created an atmosphere which continued long after the ceremony.’

‘Thanks for being such a calm, insightful guide throughout this process. Chris and I both love the eulogy you crafted. I know Dad would be tickled pink as well.’

 ‘Thank you from the bottom of our heart for an unforgettable service. We found you very professional and compassionate and thought you were fantastic. It really made a very difficult time much easier. We had wonderful feedback from everyone and one friend even said it was the best service she’d ever been too.’

Julie Pearce –  Life Celebration Specialist

Life Celebration Specialist - Julie Pearce

Following her entry into the Funeral Profession in 1995, Julie had the honour of caring for thousands of families, both direct and extended; supporting them in their time of need during her 20-year career.

In her role as a Life Celebration Specialist, Julie empowers families to creatively plan and facilitate funeral services that are truly worthy of the one they wish to honour.  Julie is both creative and flexible in her thinking, and is pro-active in empowering family ideas, wishes and requests.

In addition to the funerals of adults, Julie has worked tirelessly with many hundreds of families, who have been touched and forever bruised by the death of a baby or child. Julie’s expertise, care and support are vital at such a time of mind numbing distress and vulnerability.

Julie lives and enjoys life on the Mornington Peninsula; has been married for over 40 years; has three adult children, a Son in Law, and two of the world’s most treasured Grandchildren.

As a Funeral Celebrant, Julie supports those left behind – by honouring those who have died; in creating and facilitating a service that is going to be meaningful to them, not only now …. but in the longer term.

Kimba Griffith –  Life Celebration Specialist

Kimba Griffith

My work as a funeral celebrant is very simple.
To assist and support families to honour and farewell a special person in a way that reflects the person, and that supports the family in their grief.
A funeral or memorial service is a celebration of a precious life, an acknowledgement of their absence, and a space to grieve and be supported.

I assist families to create funerals that are personal, affordable and authentic. I see my role as a compassionate organiser, a listener, a person to make things happen when it seems too difficult to do anything, and a celebrant who gives shape to the event, and speaks for and with the family, and perhaps even the deceased person too.

Some gatherings are high on colour, laughter and stories. Others are extremely sombre and serious. I am able to assist you to create a farewell that reflects the life and death of your loved one, and your own wishes and needs. I can meet with you at short notice, offer some resources to assist you in planning the funeral, and gather stories and information about your loved one’s life and times.

I have travelled widely and have been studying cultural practices around death and funerals. In 2013, I began offering support to dying people and their families in a role often called ‘end of life support/death doula’. The role of officiating at funerals comes very naturally to me within the realm of these experiences.

I strongly support the growing movement of in-home death care, natural burial, green funerals, and family-led funerals. As well as being more sustainable, personal and meaningful, these are so much more affordable. Simple measures such as using a cardboard or bamboo casket, and decorating it with family and friends, can bring costs down and meaning up.

Life Celebration Specialist – Kimba Griffith

Julia Handford –  Life Celebration Specialist

Life Celebration Specialist - Julia Handford

Hello! Julia here 

I specialise in a different type of funeral, a Living Funeral!

Fancy having all of your family and friends celebrate your life while you can still be there to enjoy it?

You might want to have an intimate ceremony at your home where everyone can share their fondest memories of your time together. Or… you might want a party to end all parties!! With beautiful live music, delicious food and an epic photo montage of your life. You might want everyone to grab a camping chair, stock up on marshmellows and gather round a fire while one by one, loved ones can read their tributes while you all laugh and cry and pay homage to the life you have lived.

Whatever it is, it would be my greatest honour to help organise it for you.   I have been a Celebrant since 2008 and what I love most about this profession is that feeling of love in the air when music, spoken word, raw emotion and real human connection all come together in the form of a beautiful ceremony.

I have always felt like people don’t celebrate themselves enough. Why wait for a birthday party or a wedding to really let your hair down and indulge in what you enjoy. I am passionate about creating moments in time that are authentic, uplifting and meaningful. Funerals shouldn’t be any different. It is the chance to say goodbye, to give thanks and to share in one last precious celebration with those that mean the most to you.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, let’s sit down together to create something really great.

“When you learn how to die, you learn how to live” -Morris Schwartz.

Jon von Goes –  Life Celebration Specialist

Greenhaven Funerals - Jon von Goes

I’ve been a civil celebrant since December 2003.
I do weddings and funerals, I’m a broadcaster (3RRR), a musician and an MC and I do a few other things

There are new ways of doing funerals.

Freed up from the constraints of religious practice and tradition I can conduct ceremonies in a way that reflects the way someone has lived.
All about the person and nothing about anything else. It’s about the getting the tone and balance right.
I never set out to do funerals. They’ve crept up on me in a way. Something tells me I’m gonna be doing more of them the older I get. It sounds a bit weird to say that I like doing funerals. But I do. I didn’t say they were fun, I said I liked doing them.

Like the weddings getting rid of the fluff makes the celebration better. The life of the recently deceased becomes the total focus of the ceremony.

Read more about my way of approaching funerals on my webpage..


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