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Funeral Ceremony

Design Your Own Funeral Ceremony

By choosing to ‘design your own’ funeral ceremony, we give you many choices with regards to:

Clergy or Celebrants
Churches, Chapels or other alternative Venues
Coffins or Caskets
Music, Memorial Stationary, DVD Tributes

It is important to discuss the available options with family members and your dedicated Greenhaven Funeral Consultant.

There is no need to rush, once your loved one is taken into our care, you can take your time.

There is no set time scale to when the funeral has to be held, except in the case of certain religious cultures or faiths that require an individual’s funeral to be organised and completed within a certain time-frame.  Don’t be rushed or forced into something you don’t want, give yourself time to think about all the decisions.

Customised Funerals:

As part of our ethos of meeting all our families funeral needs and requirements, we are pleased to provide you with a range of choices to design the funeral service that you want for your loved one.

At Greenhaven Funerals, we specialise in creating funeral ceremonies that families and friends will remember. Often, its the small details and subtle touches that make the difference and can really create a unique, personalised experience that cherishes special moments. 

Ideas on how to make your loved’s ones farewell more meaningful and personalized…

  • Personalised design of the coffin or casket. (handpainting or have it painted by our in-house artist, or have images vinyl wrapped around the coffin.
  • Customised memorial stationary
  • Cremation Jewellery
  • A candle-lighting ceremony (Taper or floating candles)
  • Floral tribute (Placing individual tribute flowers on top of the coffin or in with your loved one).
  • Inviting guests to write messages of farewell on your loved one’s coffin.
  • Having a horse drawn hearse or a harley motorcycle or trike hearse take your loved on their final journey.
  • Balloon release (bio-degradable)
  • Butterfly release (spring / summer only)
  • Musicians or singers being present at the ceremony
  • Bag piper
  • Funeral filming or photography
  • Funeral live-streaming so guests who reside long distances from location of the funeral event can participate.
  • DVD photo presentation
  • Customised photo canvas


Please contact us on (03) 9569 0534 to discuss how we can customise and create a funeral ceremony to meet your needs.


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