Coffins and Caskets

Deciding on what type of coffin or a casket is suitable for your loved one’s funeral is one of the more significant decisions that need to be taken during the funeral arranging process.

We want to provide you with as many choices as possible. Please view our beautiful range of coffins and caskets by scrolling down the page. All our prices are inclusive of GST.


Coffins are generally tapered at the head and foot and they are wide at the shoulders. A coffin can be made from either Composite Board or solid Timber.

Composite Board Coffins​

Composite board has been produced via a manufacturing process where wood chips and fibres are pressed into a smooth sheet of board. They are then covered in either a paper or timber look veneer in a range of colours to enhance their appearance.

The Greenhaven Signature Series

We are pleased to offer to our client families, the Greenhaven Signature Series of coffins and caskets made from the highest quality Tasmanian Blackwood timber. Each product is handmade by skilled craftsmen and is sprayed with low sheen clear lacquer to enhance the natural colour and beauty of the timber.

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