Coffins and Caskets

Deciding on what type of coffin or a casket is suitable for your loved one’s funeral is one of the more significant decisions that need to be taken during the funeral arranging process. 

We want to provide you with as many choices as possible.  Please view our beautiful range of coffins and caskets by scrolling down the page.  All our prices are inclusive of GST.


Coffins are generally tapered at the head and foot and they are wide at the shoulders. A coffin can be made from either Composite Board or solid Timber.

Composite Board Coffins

Composite board has been produced via a manufacturing process where wood chips and fibres are pressed into a smooth sheet of board.  They are then covered in either a paper or timber look veneer in a range of colours to enhance their appearance.


$880 incl GST

Yarra – Maple Coffin

$1250 incl GST

Yarra – Teak Coffin

Yarra Teak Coffin

$1250 incl GST

Yarra – Rosewood Coffin

Yarra Rosewood Coffin

$1250 incl GST


$1550 incl GST


$1750 incl GST

Themes of Life

Choose a design that reflects your loved one’s life and the things they loved!


$2,750 incl GST


$2,750 incl GST


$2,750 incl GST

Blue Sky

$2,750 incl GST

Solid Timber and Veneer

Timber Veneer is from a natural and renewable resource and is the most economical way of utilising timber in manufacturing coffins and caskets. The solid timber used to make the Greenhaven Coffins and caskets is high grade cedar, camphor laurel and plantation radiata pine.

Davidson Cedar

$3250 incl GST


$3250 incl GST

Denman Cedar

$3250 incl GST

Davidson Sapelle

$3250 incl GST

Environmentally Friendly Coffins

Greenhaven Funerals is proud to provide a variety of environmentally-friendly coffins made from recycled materials and sustainable practices.


$2250 incl GST


$1750 incl GST

Cardboard Coffins

Our “Byron” cardboard coffin is made from recycled cardboard and provides a wonderful, cost-effective and eco-friendly option.
The coffin looks wonderful adorned with flowers or decorated by family and friends with artwork, messages and photos!
It is lined with white cotton lined interior with pillow.

$880 incl GST


$880 incl GST

Handwoven Caskets
Handwoven Caskets are made from sustainable, natural materials such as  willow, bamboo and sea-grass.  They come
with a wooden nameplate and include top & bottom calico liner plus a moisture proof membrane and rope handles. $1250 incl GST


Solid Timber Caskets

A casket is generally rectangular in shape and has a hinged lid.
They are made from good quality timber and feature a higher and more detailed standard of workmanship.

Solid Timber Grecian Urn Casket – $4500 incl GST

Hand crafted in solid timber with a high, gloss lacquer shine.  The lid opens on a hinge with discrete locks to hold in place for viewings.  Trimmed with elegant drop bar handles. 

Solid Mahogany Casket
The Ashley casket is made of solid mahogany with red brass fittings and drop bar handles.  It has a raised lid which opens elegantly on a concealed hinged lid together with luxurious lining. 
$9,900 incl GST


The Greenhaven Signature Series

We are pleased to offer to our client families, the Greenhaven Signature Series of coffins and caskets made from the highest quality Tasmanian Blackwood timber.  Each product is handmade by skilled craftsmen and is sprayed with low sheen clear lacquer to enhance the natural colour and beauty of the timber.

Blackwood Coffin

coffins and caskets

$3250 incl GST

Blackwood Grecian Urn

coffins and caskets

$4500 incl GST

Blackwood Dome Casket

coffins and caskets

  $7950 incl GST


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