Follow Up Support

Greenhaven Funerals includes Follow up Support as part of its delivery of service

A member of our Greenhaven Funerals team will call the family of the deceased, approximately six weeks after the funeral (with their permission).  This call provides an opportunity for individuals to discuss how they are feeling and also for us to provide further support or referral to appropriate resources should it be required.

At the core of our values is sharing information, providing support and education to groups within the community on coping with grief and bereavement.

The Many Faces of Grief

We welcome and encourage individuals and families to attend our Grief and Bereavement Sessions.  These sessions are a series of free information evenings that are held at various venues throughout Melbourne throughout the year. 

The dates, time and venues will be published regularly on our website.

Timing the sessions with certain dates throughout the year will be a focus for us, so we can support our families during particularly challenging times such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

The sessions will be advertised throughout the broader community and will be attended by representatives from other related support groups.

Please subscribe to the free Greenhaven Funerals electronic newsletter, “Reflections”.  This is one way that families, support people and professionals can keep abreast of the various issues that relate to grief and bereavement.

The newsletter will be published quarterly and will include articles on particular topics, readings and poems that may offer some comfort and the details of our upcoming events in the community such as our Grief and Bereavement Sessions.

Download our free guide:

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