Our Community Programs

Greenhaven Funeral Services provides a comprehensive Community Programs focusing on building a more compassionate community through grief awareness, education and support.

We believe that everyone who has experienced the pain of death should be able to access support to work through their loss and manage their grief.

It can take some time for the bereaved to get back to anything near what ‘normal’ felt for them prior to the individual’s death.  Everyone’s grief is individual, there is no set timeframe and everyone must do what feels right for them as long as they are not putting themselves or others at risk.

The idea behind our community programs is to offer individuals access to support so they can learn to live a better quality of life whilst remembering a loved one who is gone.

At Greenhaven Funerals, our commitment to you does not end on the completion of a funeral for your loved one.  As funeral directors, we aim to provide the highest level of care and support to families and individuals at a very sad and vulnerable time.  Our commitment and service commences when we are asked to take your loved one into our care and continues well after the funeral event is over. Please refer to our page on Follow Up Support to find out what community programs are scheduled.

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