Funerals for Veterans and Returned Soldiers of Victoria

Greenhaven Funeral Services is pleased to be a specialist provider of funerals for Veterans and Returned Soldiers of Victoria.

We offer a range of affordable, respectful and personalised funeral services that will assist in honouring their life and recognizing their contribution and support to Australia in times of war.

We understand that it can be a stressful and emotional time and financing a funeral service can cause significant concern. Depending on your unique, individual situation, the team at Greenhaven Funerals is able to assist families with the costs of organizing a funeral for a Veteran or a Returned Soldier of Victoria.

If your family member served the country and you wish to recognize this at the funeral service, you or a Greenhaven Funeral Services director should make a request to the appropriate Sub-Branch.

The key information they will require to organize this is the Service Number of the serviceman in question, so it would be helpful to have this at hand. The RSL will then assign a member (the President or Welfare Officer) as the convener of the service.

Greenhaven Funerals will liaise with the RSL Sub-Branch (or the RSL VIC Organization if the deceased was not a member) to ensure the Flag, Ode, Last Post and cushion for medals are provided, if requested.

In recent years the RSL has made changes to funeral rituals for RSL members. However, before confirming the particular rituals you should discuss these with the Sub-Branch.

The fundamental purpose of the RSL ritual, which is usually at the end of the funeral service to signify “goodbye”, is to assist the bereaved in coping with their grief – and the placing of the poppy on the coffin (or in the grave) plays a significant part of this.

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