Funeral Arrangement Meeting

Your initial meeting with Greenhaven Funeral Services is known as the Funeral Arrangement Meeting. This meeting can take place at your home or at our offices.

During this meeting, the Greenhaven Funeral Consultant will assist you to decide on all of the many practical and celebratory aspects of the funeral. A number of legal forms also need to be completed and we will provide you with a full estimate of the funeral costs. The Funeral Arrangement Meeting is generally 1-2 hours in duration.

Examples of some of the decisions that need to be made include:

  • Cremation or Burial?
  • Church or Chapel?
  • Celebrant or Clergy?
  • Coffin or Casket?
  • Where will the funeral be held?
  • Will vehicles be required?
  • Will there be a viewing?
  • Will music be incorporated into the service?
  • Will there be an Order of Service or DVD Tribute presentation?
  • Will the death and funeral be advertised in the newspaper?
  • Will there be a gathering afterwards?

During the meeting, we will provide you with all the options available, record your decisions and choices and prepare a funeral contract as well as provide you with all other relevant documents.  We’ll also provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs and disbursements associated with the funeral.


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