Green Funeral Services

Greenhaven Funerals recognize that many of our client families feel strongly about caring for and protecting the environment during their earthly life. They also want funeral options that are sustainable and eco-friendly, leaving a lighter, softer and smaller footprint on the earth.
Choosing green, environmentally friendly options for a funeral can be a more sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional funeral options as well.

Choices and
options include:

If you would like to discuss all the available options, please call us at any time for a friendly chat on (03) 9569 0534.

Eco-Friendly Coffins​

Willow burial trays, willow caskets, bio-board caskets, sustainably grown pine are all great eco-friendly options for you to consider. Talk to us about what’s possible.

Eco-Friendly Shrouds

A shroud is usually made cotton or unbleached calico. Your loved one is wrapped in a number of layers of the material prior to being placed into one of our wicker or timber burial trays before their service takes place.

Natural Burial Grounds

In Victoria, we are very lucky to have a number of cemeteries that will allow a natural burial to occur. Speak to us about options and ideas on the perfect natural burial for your loved one.

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