About Melbourne, Victoria

The Melbourne SkylineMelbourne, located in the state of Victoria, is the most popular city in Australia, with a population of 4 million individuals and a large economy that few other Australian cities can rival. This thriving city offers abundant potential employment opportunities, has attracted a large population of expats, has a vibrant nightlight and is ideal for those who wish to retire overseas. So what else is offered by the city of Melbourne, Victoria?


Facts About Melbourne

The history of Melbourne dates all the way back to 1835. It was one of Victoria’s original settlements. During the 1950s the city, along with its surrounding area, played a very prominent role in the gold rush of that time. The national government was actually housed in the city until 1927.


Melbourne Weather

In terms of the weather, life in Melbourne can be unpredictable at times. The city is situated on an inland weather plane that is very hot. However, the cold winds from the ocean which is nearby at Port Melbourne also impacts the city as well. Melbourne often experiences large drops in temperature in very short periods of time and the weather may range from thunder storms and hail to hot weather and sunshine, and sometimes all in the very same day!


The population of Melbourne VictoriaMelbourne’s Population

Melbourne and its surrounding area was among Victoria’s original official colonial settlements. It is comprised of a wide range of various nationalities, including German, Greek, American, Bosnian, Macedonia and Italian, just to name a few of the different people represented there. It offers one of Australia’s most diverse and multicultural populations and has attracted intense attention from numerous overseas businesses seeking to utilize a broad range of much needed products and services.


Melbourne’s Economy

For quite some time the economy in Melbourne has been growing. This has resulted in a large increase of oversea workers within the area. The automotive industry in particular is booming, with Ford and Toyota both having large plants there. However, cars are not the only thing in Melbourne. The city also boasts one of Australia’s busiest seaports, along with a reputation of being one of the leading financial markets not only in Australia but also in the entire region of Asia.


Melbourne Property

Property in Melbourne AustraliaIn December 2009 the median price of a house in Melbourne was approximately $520,000, with individual units costing about $380,000. Of interest is the fact that it is thought that approximately 35% of Melbourne’s 3.8 million population comes from overseas. This is causing some friction between overseas skilled workers and the domestic workforce. There are many Australian nationals that think that overseas workers, who often enter the country with high salaries, are causing property prices to increase in the area to levels that native Australians cannot afford to pay. The government has pledged to look into the problem. However, ultimately there is not much that can be done if the region is to continue enjoy economic prosperity.


Melbourne’s Cost Of Living

Over the past decade, Melbourne’s cost of living has seen a significant increase. As the influx of overseas workers continues to grow it has attracted high salaries which has resulted in large increases in the region’s cost of services and goods. The area has been voted as one of the more popular expat places in the world, and the overseas worker population does indeed continue to grow, fueled by an economy which has been quite vibrant for a very long time.

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