Eco-friendly funeral options by Greenhaven Funerals

Many of our families come to us looking for eco-friendly funeral options.
We love discussing all the ideas, suggestions and options for our client families on how to make a farewell for a loved one a little more gentle on the earth.

We have coffins made from recycled cardboard, wicker and sea-grass and plain untreated pine.

You can use recycled paper for memorial stationary and utilise the internet instead of newspapers to share news of your loved one’s passing and providing information on their celebration of life.

As well we have many venues all over Melbourne that we can offer so you don’t have to travel very far to celebrate your loved one’s life.  

We have an in-depth knowledge of the natural burial grounds available within Melbourne and the country cemeteries that offer a more rural, rustic outlook if this is what your loved friend or family member would have appreciated.

Whatever your funeral plans are, if you want to leave a lighter foot print on the earth when you pass you can call us at any time to discuss your requirements.

We encourage your contact and look forward to supporting you.

Carly & Tim
Greenhaven Funerals

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