Eco-friendly funeral services in Melbourne

For many individuals, choosing greener options as part of their funeral is really important to them.  It may have been part of how they lived their life, so why not ensure it is carried through as part of their funeral and final farewell celebration?

Greenhaven Funerals is dedicated to supporting Melbourne families with their funeral needs especially when it comes to making farewells a little more gentler on our environment.

We are proud to have been recognised as leading providers of eco-friendly funeral services in Melbourne.  Creating beautiful funerals that are not only unique, but will leave a lighter footprint on the earth as well – is something we are passionate about. We are constantly learning new ways to do this and we love educating our communities as well so they have all the options available to them.

From choosing a natural burial or a cremation using products that are sustainably made from natural materials, there are lots of ways you can create your own green, eco-friendly farewell.  

Handwoven Caskets are certainly one way you can be a bit more gentler on the earth and we are pleased to show you some of the farewell’s we have created over the journey using these fabulous, naturally made caskets – please click on the below link to see more.

You are welcome to contact us at any time to discuss your own green funeral wishes; we welcome your inquiry and encourage your contact.

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