FREE COFFINS for families who live in Melbourne and surrounding areas!


It’s the word that no-one wants to mention…

Do I really need to use one?
What if I don’t want to spend much money?  
Can’t I just go out in a cardboard box?


At Greenhaven Funeral Services, we’ve been listening to you and we’ve been able to do something about it!

We are pleased to be able offer FREE COFFINS for families who live in Melbourne and surrounding areas who book a full service cremation or burial with us.

That’s right!  We are offering FREE COFFINS!

Mind you, this only applies to our bio-board range!  But if you would rather spend the money on champagne and party pies then a big fancy coffin or casket then this simple, understated, ‘farewell box’ might be just the thing you are looking for!

And that’s right!!    It’s free when you book a full service cremation or burial with Greenhaven Funerals.

For many families in live in Melbourne and surrounding areas, a FREE COFFIN .. can make a substantial difference to the cost of a funeral. It may enable you to have refreshments afterwards with family and friends, you can pay for a videographer or live-streaming service so guests who can’t be there, can be part of the ceremony.. it’s a just a little bit more money in your pocket!

Think of the options, think what you can do to personalise your FREE COFFIN!

Cover the coffin with a beautiful coloured pall or rug and flowers from your garden.

Cover the coffin with a collage with photos of family and friends and the individual that has passed.

Free-style paint and decorate; get the kids involved writing messages and putting their best drawings on the side.

Paint your favourite sporting club colours all over it.

You could even glam it up a bit, paint it silver and stick rhinestones all over it!!

SO MANY OPTIONS.. and all very, very affordable!

Height and weight restrictions apply!  You must not be more than 1.9 m tall or .5m wide across the shoulders or weigh more than 90 kg.  If you do, please talk to us about other low cost solutions we may be able to offer you!

If you or someone you love would like to inquire about our FREE COFFIN option, please give the friendly team at Greenhaven Funerals a call on (03) 9569 0534.  We’d love to talk to you about how a FREE COFFIN might meet your unique requirements and would be happy to provide you with other ideas to make yours or a loved one’s farewell beautiful.

We encourage your contact and welcome your inquiry at any time,

The team at Greenhaven Funerals
9569 0534


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