Funeral flowers

At Greenhaven, we don’t really like flowers!  WE LOVE THEM! 

For us, flowers are an extremely important part of the whole presentation of the funeral that we create for the family.  Regardless of whether you would like the smallest, most petite arrangement of funeral flowers for your loved ones’ coffin or an extravagant and lush piece that really makes a statement – we can assist!

We are proud to say that we partner with one of Melbourne’s most talented florists, who’s team has the reputation for creating beautiful floral arrangements and using only the highest quality of blooms.  Our florist uses flowers that are in season, lush and in full bloom and can source some types from interstate depending on your requirements.  They’ll also use flowers from yours or your loved one’s garden if you wish.  Their choice of greenery is extensive so the total look for your funeral flower arrangement is exactly as you want it to be.

If family and friends want to order funeral flowers that will compliment the coffin piece, they can do through the team at Greenhaven, so that all the flowers are co-ordinated and will be guaranteed to arrive together to your chosen funeral venue.

For many years,  people have sent flowers to funerals as an expression of love and support for the family grieving the loss of someone they love.  In ancient times, flowers were used as part of burial rituals or ceremony.  Adorning a deceased body with plants and flowers had a very practical purpose as well.  Sometimes a body might start to deteriorate and decompose before the actual funeral service was held.  Surrounding a body with flowers would assist with covering any odours which would make the ceremony and the gathering somewhat more pleasant.  With the evolvement of mortuary care and practice this is no longer a problem that our families will face.

Sending funeral flowers to a family who is grieving the loss of a family member is still very popular.  It’s a way of offering sympathy through a gift that is meaningful and beautiful.

But you don’t always have to order your flowers through our florist, you are welcome to engage your own florist if you have someone that your family loves to use.  

Lately, we have had many families who have asked family and friends to bring a small bunch of hand cut flowers from their garden to place with and  honour the individual who has died.  Guests will come with their flowers and place their floral contribution on top of the coffin or casket as they enter the funeral venue and take a seat.  In many cases this has resulted in the most beautiful sight of flowers stretching from one end of the coffin to the other.. reflecting the individuals’ love of gardening or perhaps just nature itself!

Whatever ‘look’ you want to achieve with the funeral flowers for your loved one, we are able to assist.  Whatever your style, taste and budget we can help you create the perfect floral vision that will compliment and make the farewell for your loved one just perfect.

To discuss your unique and individual requirements, please call us on 9569 0534.

We encourage your contact and welcome your inquiry!

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