Life Celebration Specialist – Julia Handford

Introducing a new member to the Greenhaven Team; Life Celebration Specialist – Julia Handford.

Read on below for Julia’s approach to assisting and supporting families with their funeral needs.

Hello! Julia here!

I specialise in a different type of funeral, a Living Funeral!

Fancy having all of your family and friends celebrate your life while you can still be there to enjoy it?

You might want to have an intimate ceremony at your home where everyone can share their fondest memories of your time together. Or… you might want a party to end all parties!! With beautiful live music, delicious food and an epic photo montage of your life. You might want everyone to grab a camping chair, stock up on marshmellows and gather round a fire while one by one, loved ones can read their tributes while you all laugh and cry and pay homage to the life you have lived.

Whatever it is, it would be my greatest honour to help organise it for you.

I have been a Celebrant since 2008 and what I love most about this profession is that feeling of love in the air when music, spoken word, raw emotion and real human connection all come together in the form of a beautiful ceremony.

I have always felt like people don’t celebrate themselves enough. Why wait for a birthday party or a wedding to really let your hair down and indulge in what you enjoy. I am passionate about creating moments in time that are authentic, uplifting and meaningful.

Funerals shouldn’t be any different. It is the chance to say goodbye, to give thanks and to share in one last precious celebration with those that mean the most to you.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, let’s sit down together to create something really great.

“When you learn how to die, you learn how to live” -Morris Schwartz.

Life Celebration Specialist – Julia Handford

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