Life Celebration Specialist – Julie Pearce

We are pleased to introduce Life Celebration Specialist – Julie Pearce to the Greenhaven Team.

Following her entry into the Funeral Profession in 1995, Julie had the honour of caring for thousands of families, both direct and extended; supporting them in their time of need during her 20-year career.

In her role as a Life Celebration Specialist, Julie empowers families to creatively plan and facilitate funeral services that are truly worthy of the one they wish to honour.  Julie is both creative and flexible in her thinking, and is pro-active in empowering family ideas, wishes and requests.

In addition to the funerals of adults, Julie has worked tirelessly with many hundreds of families, who have been touched and forever bruised by the death of a baby or child. Julie’s expertise, care and support are vital at such a time of mind numbing distress and vulnerability.

Julie lives and enjoys life on the Mornington Peninsula; has been married for over 40 years; has three adult children, a Son in Law, and two of the world’s most treasured Grandchildren.

As a Funeral Celebrant, Julie supports those left behind – by honouring those who have died; in creating and facilitating a service that is going to be meaningful to them, not only now …. but in the longer term.

Greenhaven Funerals Julie Pearce

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