Pushing up Daisies!

Carked it!
Crossed the River Jordan,
Gone to God,
Passed away peacefully,
Took their last breath,
Met their maker,
Cashed in their chips,
Kicked the bucket,
Brown bread,
Lost their life,

Croaked it,
Gave up the ghost!
Snuffed it!
Pushing up daisies,
Counting worms,
Departed this life,
Fell off the perch,
Gone to a better place,

Took their last bow,
Up and died,
Gone to the carpark in the sky…

You can call it whatever you want, there are so many ways to describe death and dying depending on your perspective and how you see the world.

For so many, when someone they know or love dies.. the silence is deafening and it’s difficult to know what to say.

No-one feels comfortable talking about what’s happened…..

Why is that?

Pushing up Daisies! |

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