Fawkner Memorial Park


Recently refurbished in 2007, the Fawkner Cemetery chapels are world-class. At the forefront of technology, services in these chapels can be personalised to reflect your loved one’s life.

The chapels feature state-of-the-art plasma screens to play DVD presentations. They can also highlight who is speaking at the service. There is pre-recorded music that can be played during each service and client families are encouraged to bring the music that they would like played during their loved one’s service as well.

The three chapels are non denominational and welcome people of all religions and cultures to use these tranquil spaces to mark the passing of a loved life among family and friends. The chapels are available for Burials and other services

Address: 1187 Sydney Road, Fawkner, Victoria 3060


Phone: 9355 3100

The Joyce Chapel

140 Seat Capacity

Funeral Venues

The Crick Chapel

70 Seat Capacity with Foyer Area

Funeral Venues

The Cordell Chapel

140 Seats with External Speakers

Funeral Venues


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