St. Kilda Red Scooter

Are you looking for a funeral venue in St Kilda?

Located at 25 William Street, Balaclava.. Red Scooter is one of Melbourne’s newest and hippest event spaces and an amazing venue to celebrate an extraordinary life lived!

Create a unique theme for your farewell event to personalise the experience for your guests and have them talking about their memories of this farewell for years to come.  From the moment your guests walk through the doors they will never experience a funeral quite like the event that we can create for you at Red Scooter.

Perhaps not for the conservative or traditionally minded, this funeral venue in St Kilda will allow you to celebrate the life of someone who was the life of the party and lived their life to the full! If you are looking for a funeral venue in St Kilda, please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Address: 25 William St, Balaclava VIC 3183, Australia

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