What questions can I ask the funeral director?

What questions can I ask the funeral director?

You can ask your funeral director anything when it comes to arranging funerals!

Below are just a few ideas of what you can ask! 

If you have a question that is not listed, feel free to send us your question via ‘info@greenhavenfunerals.com.au’ we would love to answer it for you!

If you are lucky, you may only have to arrange maybe one or two funerals in your life.

Maybe for your parents or other close family members for who you are the next of kin.

Experiencing the loss of a family member or friend can be really challenging and managing the planning and arrangements of a funeral can seem overwhelming.  The funeral director that you choose to support you with the care of your loved one is there to provide you with support and guidance to create a farewell that is meaningful, practical and that works for you and your family.

You should feel comfortable to ask whatever questions you need to in order to feel completely comfortable with the entire process.   

The following information provides a simple framework and guide to work through.

Did your loved one leave write down the wishes for their funeral or did they discuss them with a member of their family?  For example;

Did your loved one want to be cremated or buried?

Did they want a service to celebrate their life and did they want that service to be religious or non-religious?
Would they like that service to be in a church, a cemetery chapel or an alternative venue that was meaningful to them?

With regards to a coffin or a casket?  Would they like something simple, traditional or eco-friendly?

Did they love flowers or not really?

Let’s talk about burials!

Some general questions might include:

How do I buy a grave?  Who do I contact and how does that process work?

Is there space in the cemeteries in the city or do we need to go regional?
What if there is space in a family plot?  How do we access that?

How does a green or natural burial work? What’s available in Melbourne regarding eco-friendly burials and funerals.

What is a mausoleum?

Is there a specific type of coffin or casket that needs to be used?

What about the cost of a burial, what’s involved in that? Is it a once off fee or are there yearly fees to pay?

Can I choose what headstone or plaque I want for my loved one’s grave? Is there any restrictions?

Let’s talk cremations!

Some general questions might include:

What options are available for cremation? Does the cremation happen before or after the service, are there any rules around this and what do most people do?

What are the costs? Do they vary depending on the crematorium that we use?

Can my loved one still be dressed in clothes chosen by themselves or the family?

Can we still hold a viewing prior to the cremation? Where would this be held?

Am I allowed to view and witness the cremation, what is involved in that?

How soon can I collect the ashes and are there restrictions on where I can scatter the ashes?

What about if I want to keep a portion of the ashes, is this possible and where can I purchase an urn?

What are the fees associated with a funeral?

Can I receive a breakdown of all the costs associated with the funeral?

Are there options for pre-payment and is there a payment plan option?

I’m on a tight budget, what are some ideas you have to save money? 

Personalising the funeral – what’s allowed?

Can we be creative with the funeral?

Can we use an alternative venue?
Can we have live music, a choir, readings, poetry, display art, have a toast to the person who has passed?

We would like to hire a unique hearse or vintage cars to transport the family, is this possible?

What paperwork and documentation is required?

What paperwork needs to be completed or signed and by who and by when?

Who applies for the official death certificate?

What information is required for this and what is the usual timeframe before it is received?

Why do I need an official death certificate?  Who does it need to be sent to?

Audio-visual services and Live-streaming:

Who organises this?

How is the link accessed and how much does it cost?

Grief Support Services:
What grief support services to you provide or are there any resources you can suggest for our circumstances?

There are so many things to consider when planning a funeral.

The funeral director that you choose to support you with this process play a pivotal role in helping you navigate all the details involved in planning a service to farewell your loved one.

Asking lots of questions is a way for you to not only feel comfortable with the funeral planning process but to ensure that the farewell you are planning is a meaningful and appropriate farewell for the person who has passed.

At Greenhaven Funerals we offer a range of funeral services including cremation, burial, memorial and repatriation services serving families of all faiths, nationalities and cultures throughout Melbourne. 

We are here to assist and guide you with your funeral choices for your loved one and to make everything as simple and easy for you as we can. 

We are here to support you every step of the way.

As a family owned and operated funeral home in Melbourne, we are dedicated to providing personalised funeral care that is uniquely tailored to yours and your loved one’s needs. We specialise in creating unique and deeply personal funerals according to your particular taste, style and budget! 

We welcome your inquiry and encourage your contact at any time.

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