Why we love this work…

The team at Greenhaven Funerals, don’t really like doing funerals!


It’s safe to say that after eight years of working in this industry, we still love this work! We love the opportunity of meeting families that call us asking for support to care for their loved one and create a meaningful funeral event so hey can say farewell, exactly as they need to. Whether you are looking for a home funeral, a natural burial, shrouded cremation, a direct cremation, a chapel service at one of our lovely cemeteries, a traditional church service or you are looking to create something really extravagant.. whatever farewell you envision, we can assist you with all the details to make it both meaningful and memorable.

With over 80 venues around Melbourne to offer you, we are sure that we would have space that suits your needs! Restaurants, yacht clubs, golf clubs, wedding reception venues that aren’t doing anything during the week! Historic buildings, wineries, community halls, town halls, art galleries, bowling clubs with views across the bay, social clubs that just love opening their doors to families that need a space to set up and say farewell! These days families have so much choice!

Why say goodbye to someone you love in a daggy funeral director’s chapel that hasn’t seen a vacuum or a fresh coat of paint in years when you can have an outlook of the bay, the golf course, the forest or the mountains! Whatever is more meaningful for you or for your loved one!

When it comes to creating beautiful farewells of any description, talk to the friendly team at Greenhaven. Let us help you create something special!

We welcome your inquiry and encourage your contact at any time.

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