Costco Coffins

We’ve watched with interest over the last week the excitement and the comments generated by the media and the community with Costco Wholesale Australia and Scientia Coffins‘ decision to collaborate together to sell coffins direct to the public.

It’s important to understand that this is not something new.  There have been a few other businesses who have gone down this path in the past and have sold imported coffins direct to the public. The response by the public has been mixed, many families still decide to let their preferred funeral care provider organise everything for them, as is the traditional way.

After speaking with Scientia and Costco and finding out a bit more about their product, we understand that they guarantee that the products have been tested by  an approved NATA laboratory  (National Australian Testing Authority) and are fit for purpose.

Would Greenhaven Funeral Services help a family to honour the life and farewell a loved one who have purchased a coffin through Costco?  Absolutely!


Because it’s not about us!

It has been and always will be about the care of our client families and meeting their unique needs.  If a family feels the need to purchase a coffin through Costco because of their individual situation, we would never turn them away because of their decision.

We will always offer the coffins manufactured by our local manufacturing companies as well because we know that our client families love the different options available.

At the end of the day, its about looking after our client families and providing them with the highest levels of service and care that we can.  Its also about allowing them to have choices and the ability to honour and celebrate the life of the ones they love in their own unique way.

Making farewells fabulous…

Carly Dalton
The Funeral Lady
Greenhaven Funerals

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